Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS)

Support for families of children with a disability or developmental delay from birth through to school entry

Do you have:
  • A child aged 0-5 years old?
Is your child’s ability and function impacted by a:
  • Disability or
  • Developmental delay?
ECIS provides a range of services for children who have a disability or developmental delay and their family, until the child starts school.

The ECIS team work based on a key worker model, in which the vision is to enhance the development and ability of children to actively join in family and community life by supporting families.  

Your keyworker can support you by:
  • Visiting you at home, childcare, kindergarten or wherever your child is most comfortable
  • Support your child to further develop skills to participate in and enjoy daily life
  • Ensure you have access to resources and support
  • Coordinating and linking you and your family with community services
  • Support transition to child care, kindergarten, and school
  • Helping childcare and kindergarten staff to build your child’s skills
  • Developing a family plan with you
  • Providing information and advice that supports the needs of both your child and your family
  • Working together with the therapists in the ECIS team
Our early intervention intake team is available for additional information and support.

The following link provides information on the application processes.

Please note this funded program will transition to NDIS around June 2019 however we will help you with a pathway to ensure you get the ongoing support you need.

53 Eighth Street
Mildura VIC 3500
03 5051 0900

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