Pathway for NDIS planning and access

Are you a:
  • Person with a disability or mental health concerns?
Do you want help to:
  • Prepare your care plan
  • Document your supports and services
  • Meet your future needs, goals and hopes
We offer, as a registered NDIS service provider, local support to people with an existing disability or newly diagnosed disability, and their families and carers to navigate the NDIS process.

Do not get tripped up in the NDIS journey, we are here to help. We have developed a NDIS Planning Guide to help with the process.

Download our free NDIS Planning Guide
(PDF Size 450Kb)

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme
NDIA - National Disability Insurance Agency

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The NDIS will become available in the Mallee area from 1 January 2019

Step 1.
Pre-Planning: What is the NDIS / Who can access NDIS.

Step 2.
Think about your needs, goals and hopes.

Step 3.
Build your diary of daily activities.

Step 4.
Gather supporting evidence about your function.

Step 5.
Meet with your NDIA planner.

Step 6.
Choose your service providers and those who will support you through your NDIS journey.
NDIS Steps
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