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Child Contact Service

Providing a safe and neutral space for a child to spend time with a parent is our focus

The Murray Mallee Child Contact Service (CCS) provides professional and child-focused changeover and supervision services to foster safe and positive interaction between children and their parents, and to strengthen these relationships.

Our aim is to assist and empower parents to develop a way for them to manage their own contact arrangements that are in the best interests of their children.

We provide:
  • A space where children feel comfortable and supported so that distress and anxiety is reduced at times of changeover between parents
  • Supervised visits and contact times at the centre
  • A lot of families are court ordered to attend the CCS, and we are able to assist in these matters also.  Parents will be required to bring with them a copy of any current court orders

What is a Changeover?
In separated families, for a child to spend time with a parent that they do not live with involves the child being ‘transferred’ between the care of one parent to another. This is done via the staff at the CCS, meaning the parents do not have direct contact with each other, limiting the exposure a child has to any parental conflict.

By using separate entrances, separate waiting areas and varied arrival times, there is no need for contact between the parents.

What is a Supervised Visit?
Supervised visits may be requested for a number of reasons, ranging from the re-establishment of a relationship following a period of no contact through to child safety concerns. Issues around family violence and drug and alcohol use may also see supervised visits requested.

When a parent spends time with a child, contact needs to be monitored and conducted in a safe, controlled environment, the CCS is able to oversee visitation between a parent and child through the use of the centre. This can take place as a high or low supervised contact. Trained and friendly staff monitor the visit, overseeing the activities and communication that takes place, and ensures that the child is able to maintain a safe and positive relationship with their parent.

For more information please call:
1300 667 382 or (03) 50 217 400 or email at

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